Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Health & Wellness: Digestive Issues and Elimination

by M. J. Joachim

I was watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago when the owners of Squatty Potty made their pitch. Shark Tank is an American reality show where entrepreneurs can ask successful venture capitalists to help them financially jumpstart their businesses. Squatty Potty is a specially designed footstool with the goal of helping people feel better by eliminating waste from their bodies more efficiently and proficiently.

While I didn’t run out and purchase the product at record speed, the concept of it was not lost on me. If you’ve ever had chronic digestive issues, you know elimination is an element of them that could always use improvement. As someone with Celiac disease, this is something I state unequivocally. However, I’m also a bit of a sceptic, and decided to test the theory first.

Ever the one to think outside the box, but not one to take credit that isn’t mine, my daughter suggested propping our feet up on the bathroom trashcan to see if squatting is a viable option for eliminating waste more effectively. It is, and we didn’t need to purchase a squatty potty to prove it. That said, I’m planning to pick one up sometime in the not too distant future, as the rim of the trashcan is rather uncomfortable on the bottom of my feet.

Cavemen and all of our “uncivilized” ancestors squatted. From what I understand, so do a lot of avid campers and hikers, who spend days at a time in rugged nature settings where toilets are simply not available. Our spines, and therefore, our digestive tracks, line up in a straight line when we squat, making it easier to eliminate waste without kinking our intestines, thereby blocking the flow of elimination and possibly leaving unnecessary remnants in our bodies, which can and sometimes do make us feel a little (or a lot) under the weather.

It makes perfect sense to me, and having tested the theory, I’m convinced it’s a rather good idea. Obviously, we’re still required to eat right, exercise regularly, get quality sleep and avoid unnecessary anxiety in our lives, but as for the goal of improving digestive issues and eliminating waste more efficiently and effectively, the idea of squatting when you potty seems to be a very good idea.

Here’s to feeling good!

M. J.

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